The vision the Nissei team created about stocking wire & cable was a well thought out systematic approach in supporting your design and production requirements.

Cable ready is our slogan!  First articles quickly?  High flexible, autoclavable cable?  Low or high conductor count? Silicone? High temperature?  Production quantities? Crossmatch to competitors?  These were the questions that went through our minds when we decided to stock cable! CABLE READY is to have small runs for first articles and pre-production builds.  

Material Management

When it comes to inventory management, no one understands like we do. You need only a 100’ and want us to hold the remaining for your production schedule or you require us to manager time lines and material management, again, we know this best and have a dynamic purchasing team educated in this field to assist your every need from CABLE READY to cost.


The correct design and solution is not always the path of least resistance! The Nissei team integrates knowledge, experience and dedication in turning your designs into tangible first articles while providing you production drawings that meet your requirment for production.